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Reports Detection and Alternative decontamination

Protcons has provides the content in the TNO reports serving the Fire brigade. The reports are about:

possibilities for field detection of chemical agents by a fire brigade,
    including the accompanying requirements

possibilities to safeguard and clean up chemical contamiantion quickly to
    reduce the possible



Evaluation of the DECO unit

Protcons has evaluated the effectivity of the decontamination units using three different simulants (water, oil and non-water soluable solid) and human volunteers.


Practice on CBRN

Protcons has provided an instructive evening, presenting on CBRN hazards and including a practical decontamination excercise.


Dress instruction for fire brigade

Even the fire brigade has to make choices and learn to use protective gear to protect against toxic chemicals. As I have personally worked with the most dangerous chemicals this instruction was really appreciated.