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The term innovation usually directly connects with development of solid products. Innovation however is much broader, and your company should be aquainted with the many developments in this area.
Your compettiting position and possibly  the mere continuation of your company are at stake.




Despite sometimes huge specific experience within companies it remains difficult to develop a sound and adequate response- and incident-procedure. Often unnecessarily expensive solutions and materiel is chosen, and the way of combining and application is suboptimal with the different pieces of equipment interfering with eachothers resulting in incorrect functioning.
Reaching from an extensive experience I can offer you advice to obtain the most appropriate solution together. By means of the method further explained under "Evaluation" a very informative instruction can be provided under the slogan: "seeing is believing"



To determine the effectiveness of a decontamination procedure I have developped and validated a special method. This method applies safe chemicals which can be clearly seen. By the directly visible results procedures can be improved. Samples can be taken to determine quantitative results later on in a laboratory. With these results a more exact determination of the quality of the applied procedure can be obtained.
With the applied methods in fact 3 different kind of contaminations can be evaluated (water soluble, oily and solid non water-soluble), different ways of contamination, different procedures, applied protective means and so on.

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