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Protcons B.V.
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Company profile:


Welcome at the ProtCons Web site.
ProtCons stands for Protection Consultancy, in brief: advice and service, aimed at protection and development & innovation.
I am proud to inform you about my company expecting this will make it easier to You to do bussiness with me.
ProtCons aims to provide information and assistence of high quality.
My mission is twofold: 
1) to make your labour with toxic substances easier and safer
    through your and my knowledge.
I sincerely believe the best way to reach that targer is by:
-  obtaining a sound balance between protection and effectivity,
-  meaningfull and simple procedures (KISS) and,
-  delivery of an adequate training.
2) offer assistance in innovatie.
Knowledge about innovation processes is completely separate from toxic substances and can be applied on any field.. I would like to act as a cooperator / free thinker to challenge your team to reach and develop innovatve ideas. In a slightly different role I could also guide the processes.
On this site you can discover what kind of advice and other services I will be able to offer. Please have a look, and if you have any questions or remarks or are in need of additional information do not hesitate to contact me personally.
Thank you for visiting. I hope to be of service to you.


Missie statement:

Service en advice for development & innovation